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Cara Engelmann, 

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Cara Engelmann was born and raised in Western Oklahoma. She received a BS in Biology from Oklahoma City University and her Master of Health Sciences, Physician Associate Degree from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Department of Family Medicine. 


Cara had over 10 years of urgent care experience prior to joining Dr. Fox at Key Health Institute and now at FusionMD. She has been learning and incorporating Integrative Medicine into her practice since 2015 and has applied many of the more natural approaches for the same day sick care patients she sees. 

Cara has been at the forefront of both acute and post COVID treatment, using traditional, and integrative methods to ensure excellent patient outcomes and minimize long term complications.


Cara is a Nationally and State Board Certified Physician Assistant (PA-C). She enjoys a wide range of activities with her family both in the city and out West.

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