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About Access

How FusionAccess can partner with you
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Our Vision

Traditional insurance coverage is challenging for patients and providers alike. At FusionAccess our goal is to transcend what is possible with traditional insurance, and have an out of the box approach to your individual wellness journey. Through our two tiered plan, we can be more accessible for both overall wellness and individual healing journeys such as mold detox, chelation, PANS/PANDAS, acute and post COVID care,  autoimmune disease, chronic EBV, ADHD, mitochondrial dysfunction, ASD, hypothyroidism, infertility, and so much more. 

Our Mission

FusionAccess seeks to create an environment for truly holistic healing and wellness with direct provider access, more frequent visits, and more access to high quality supplements and IV therapies. We want to partner with you on your path to wellness. 

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Our Services

FusionAccess is committed to exploring the root causes of your specific barriers to wellness through high quality specialty testing companies such as Vibrant Wellness, Cell Science Systems (ALCAT, micronutrients), Maxgen, Great Plains Labs, ZRT, Diagnostic Solutions (GI Mapping), Doctor's Data, RGCC and more at affordable pricing. We also utilize traditional laboratory services through DLO and Labcorp for cost effective basic testing. FusionAccess also offers high quality, highly individualized IV infusion services with only the cleanest, and most preservative free ingredients available.

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