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What We Do

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At FusionAccess, we are all about you. Our goal is to go beyond what is possible through increasingly challenging traditional insurance coverage and provide integrative healthcare through a cash pay, membership based practice. This innovative approach to medicine allows us more time and freedom to create an environment to partner with you, and walk alongside you in your wellness journey. Access patients will have options for more frequent provider visits, priority scheduling with the provider of your choice, text, phone, and Passport access to providers, and discounts on supplements and IV therapies for a low monthly fee.

Our goal for Access patients is to have the time and direct provider contact to focus on all the pieces that make up "wellness"; mental, physical, emotional, environmental, occupational, financial and spiritual health, as well as an avenue for more problem-focused care for PANS/PANDAS, ASD, acute and post Covid care, mold toxicity, heavy metal chelation, infertility, ADHD, thyroid management, infants/new parents, weight concerns, autoimmune disease, chronic EBV, mitochondrial dysfunction, and more. 

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Meet Your Team

FusionAccess is all about people, so let us introduce you to ours.

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Kristen Bailey Mills, APRN

Audra Fox, MD

Cara Engelmann, PA-C

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